About Us

Our Story

Word & Spirit Ministries was established in 1992 by David & Rae Levister.

We are a non-denominational church located in Chester, S.C.

We have one endeavor … to make welcome the “personal appearing” of the Lord Jesus and to open ourselves to receive and enjoy the impact that His presence brings. We truly believe that Jesus is the one way to enjoy the riches of our heavenly Father. Thus, He (Jesus) is our one aim and desire. We believe in a God Who loves US so much that He included US in His name. JesUS! Truly, He loves US so much that He’d rather die than live without us. This is precisely why Jesus came to earth … to die that He might make US His own. God the Father reveals His glory as we preach JESUS! The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hands. We believe two things are important in life: God and people. Receiving God’s love empowers us to bless people in His name. Our heart and passion is to see Jesus revealed in the lives of His people.

David & Rae Levister have been in full time ministry since 1988 and are the founding Pastors of Word & Spirit Ministries

Service Information

All of our services are now held at 126 York Street in Chester, SC. We have parking in the rear of the building with handicapped parking available. The typical attire is dressy casual, ranging from t shirts and jeans, to suits and suspenders. We are a multi-cultural church that serves as home church to people of all age groups. Every service you attend will be fresh, different, and include classes for all ages.

Sunday morning services begin at 10am for pre-service (Happy Hour) and are followed by the main service (the Experience) including worship, preaching, and altar call.

Wednesday night services begin at 7:15 and typically consists of preaching and altar service for adults, while a special class is conducted for ages 12-19 in a separate portion of the building.